VH-AGQ (3)   Beech  95-D55 Baron                        (c/n  TW-619)
                                     The mid to northern coastland of Western Australia is so remote that about the only was to get there
                                     is by air.. Certainly commercial air lines serve these outposts, but with limited daily services most comp-
                                     anies of any size in WA have their own aircraft.    Beech dealer in the 1960s and 70s was Hawker de
                                     Havilland Australia, based at Mascot, to whom this example was registered new in November 1968.
                                     It was quickly sold to Steel Construction Co of Perth, a major contractor at the iron ore mining towns.
                                     It was sold off by SCC in September 1971 and acquired by Civil Flying Services (WA) Pty Ltd, in
                                     whose markings it is seen below.  Both photos by Geoff Goodall.  Above, at Perth Airport in Decem-
                                     ber 1968 and below at Port Hedland, WA in July 1973.   It was current until about 2008, but is now
                                     no longer on the register.