VH-AGO  Lockheed L414-56 Hudson III   (c/n  6429)


                                  Another Hudson operated by Adastra Aerial Surveys.  These aircraft were a common sight
                                  at Mascot in the early to mid-50s, where I shot this photograph in 1954.  Built as an A-29
                                  for the US Army Air Corps (later Air Force), this aircraft was allocated serial number
                                  41-23612.  It was transferred to the RAF (under Lend Lease) as BW750, and further
                                  (immediately) transferred to Australia where it flew as A16-215 with 6 SQN, RAAF
                             .    In fact, it is very unlikely that either of its two identities prior to its service with the Royal
                                  Australian Air Force were ever actually painted on the aircraft.   Ron Cuskelly gives a
                                  complete history of this aircraft at: