VH-AGK (2)  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth         (c/n  DHA25)

                           Nothing like a black rego on a dark background for hiding one's identity!   Don Gillies who
                           flew with the club in the early 1950s indicates that the basic color scheme was a dark blue
                           cowling with orange fuselage and wings, and dark blue regos on both fuselage and wings.
                           Unfortunately I have lost my notes from those days, but nevertheless my recollection of this
                           machine was that the fuselage and tail were, in fact, blue.  I would have thought that a greater
                           contrast would have been apparent with the rego on an orange background, no matter how
                           dark the latter color.    Back to -AGK.  There were actually two Tigers to hold the registration
                           VH-AGK.  This is the second one. The first -AGK (ex A17-540) crashed at Rosebery, NSW
                           in 1947.  This -AGK was  purpose-built by de Havilland of Australia at Bankstown for the RAAF
                           as A17-28 and sold to the RACNSW in 1953.     This photograph was taken at Bankstown in
                           1954.   When disposed of by the RACNSW it went to the Tumut Aero Club.  It was written off
                            following a crash at Adelong, NSW (20 or so km west of Tumut) in December 1963.