VH-AGI  (1)  de Havilland D.H.84 Dragon                              (c/n  2017)


                                           The above color shot is from the Macarthur Job collection.  This Dragon was an Australian-built
                                           machine for an RAAF order, (ex A34-28).  It is seen here in service with the Bush Church Aid
                                           Society (BCAS) which operated Flying Doctor services in South Australia in the 1950s.  It was
                                           replaced in this role in 1957 with the Lockheed 10A VH-FMS.   VH-AGI was then sold to the
                                           short-lived Surfers Paradise Air Taxis, at Coolangatta, Queensland.   When that outfit folded it
                                           went to the Sydney Parachute Club and it is seen in their service at Camden in 1958 in the image
                                           below from the The Collection p1234-1496.  In 1959 it was sold again and resided at Merimbula,
                                           NSW on charter work and flown once again by McArthur Job.  Its flying days ended when, on
                                           1 October 1961 it was subjected to severe turbulence over the NSW coast resulting in structural
                                           damage in flight and the poor old thing limped into Batemans Bay for a forced landing on the town
                                           golf course    Mac recalls: "So that was the inglorious end of dear old -AGI  My last sight of it was the
                                           gutted fuselage sitting in someone’s back yard in Batemans Bay in 1963 for small boys to play in.
                                           I think it was eventually burnt.”

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