VH-AGF (3)   Percival P.50 Prince   (c/n  P43)


                                   This is actually the third VH-AGF:
                                   The first was the D.H.60X Cirrus Moth VH-UHB, which was to have recived that
                                   marking during WW II but, in the event, went to the Dutch East Indies as PK-SAS.
                                   The second was a D.H.94 Moth Minor, and thus far I have been unable to dig up a
                                   photograph of it.

                                  The above shot was taken by Dudley McDermott at Hobart in 1957.   My own shot (below),
                                  was taken at Essendon shortly after it arrived from the U.K. and shows it as G-AMLW.
                                  A number of Percival Prince aircraft were used in the aerial survey role and, in fact, this
                                  particular machine did a stint surveying the oil fields of Venezuela (where it flew as YV-P-AEB
                                  before going out toAustralia for a contract with Hunting Aerosurveys Ltd.)
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