VH-AGF (4)  Cessna 185A Skywagon                  (c/n  1850495)


                                            When several Tiger Moth agricultural operators merged in 1962 to form Agricultural & General
                                            Aviation (AGA), an order was placed with Cessna dealers Rex Aviation, Sydney for three new
                                            185As.    Rex allocated VH-RKS, RKT and RKU to these, but they were immediately changed
                                            to VH-AGF, AGG, AGH before delivery to Perth in December of that year.  -AGF is seen above
                                            in this shot by Geoff Goodall at Jandakot in 1966 wearing AGA's standard yellow, black and white
                                            paint job.   After it was retired from ag work, -AGF was returned to a 4 seater and sold in Victoria
                                            during 1971.
           Ray Deerness saw it at Moorabbin in March 1972 (below) when it was named
                                            'Swampy' and in use as a parachute jump ship.   Still active, it is today registered to a private owner
                                            in Queensland.