VH-AGB  Canadian Vickers Canso A                  (c/n  CV359)


                                      Formerly the RCAF's 11055, this Canso was civilianized in late 1948 as CF-GKI-X as a survey
                                      aircraft for Kenting Aviation of Toronto.  In 1953 it commenced an aeromagnetic survey of Papua
                                      from a base on the Kikoni River.   It returned to Canada and was sold to Hunting Aero Surveys
                                      in the U.K.   Flown back out to Australia in 1956, it became VH-AGB with Adastra Hunting
                                      Geophysics         The shot above was taken at Bankstown in September 1962 by Chris O'Neill,
                                      while the color shot below is from the Ben Dannecker collection.. VH-AGM was sold in 1962 to
                                      TAA who cannibalized it for spares for VH-SBV.  The hulk was finally broken up at Bankstown
                                      in 1967.