VH-AGA (1)  de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor                     (c/n  94084)


                                 A nice shot, including a dramatic cloud effect, of a Moth Minor taken by Charles D. Pratt (via the
                                 John Hopton collection) whilst the aircraft was visiting RAAF Laverton in 1947.  This machine had
                                 been civilianized as early as October 1945, having previously been A21-20.   It was originally to
                                 have been G-AFUU but this was not taken up after WW II broke out.    All that remained of it
                                 when Geoff Goodall ran across it at Rutherford (West Maitland) in 1967 can be seen in the photo
                                 below.. It was stricken from the register in 1951 allowing Adastra to claim the marking for their
                                 Anson.  However, it appears as if the bits and pieces were gathered up, since it was reported as
                                 being exported to New Zealand (year unknown) and given the "period" registration ZK-AKR.
                                 At the time that the real ZK-AKR would have been allocated, the letter "R" was not used as the
                                 final letter of ZK- regos. Further details on this aircraft from someone in Kiwi-land would be