VH-AGA (3)   Aero Commander 500A                           (c/n  1253-77)

                                     VH-AGA the third was delivered to Sepal Pty Ltd, an Adastra Aerial Surveys subsidiary in October
                                     of 1962.    Greg Banfield' shot above was taken at Mascot on 14 June 1966.  As was the norm for
                                     Aero Commanders of this era, the rego was painted in minuscule font at the top of the fin.    An en-
                                     largement of Greg's nice photo appears below.     Following that is a B&W photo by Geoff Goodall
                                     at Moorabbin in January 1969.    VH-AGA(3) had several owners after Adastra and was written off
                                     in an accident at Goulburn, NSW on 1 December 1984.      Being an Adastra aircraft, its complete
                                     history can be found on Ron Cuskelly's site at: