VH-AEX  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                      (c/n  6071)


                                       VH-AEX was leased from 1944 until 1947 to Guinea Airways as a freighter. When
                                       alloted to TAA it became 'Phillip''.  Such were the poor quality of my early shots,
                                       that even an enlargement of the orignal neg (below) barely clearly shows the name. 
                                       This was at Essendon, 1953.     The blurry shot of it at the foot of the page is rare in
                                       that it shows -AEW in Guinea markings, prior to its being registerted to the Australian
                                       National Airlines Commission for issuance to TAA.  The gorgeous cloud effect photo-
                                       graph (no 3) below is from the Henry W. Pryor collection via Ron Cuskelly.
                                       VH-AEX was sold West African Airways in Nigeria as VR-NCM in 1957