VH-AET  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                             (c/n  6013)


                                                     I have no photograph of this aircraft.        It was acquired by ANA on 20 December, 1944
                                                     and, so far as is known, it aircraft was unnamed..  VH-AET crashed into the Derwent River
                                                     estuary some 10 minutes after takeoff from Hobart, Tasmania, on 10 March, 1946.   
                                                     Investigation showed that the cause was the inadvertent engagement of the autopilot in
                                                     mistake for the fuel cross feed.
                                                     VH-AET would have been one of the DC-3s acquired by the Australian National Airways
                                                     Commission destined for use by TAA.   Since Trans Australia Airlines did not commence
                                                     operations until September 1946 this machine was clearly never painted in TAA markings.
                                                     It is possible that it flew in an all-over natural metal finish or even, possibly, camouflage.