VH-AEJ  Avro 643 Cadet II               (c/n  857)


                                      This Cadet was originally civilianized in January 1946 and flew more or continuously until withdrawn
                                      from use in 1961.    I do not have a photo of it in those immediate post-war years although seen
                                      below is an image from the Australian War Museum collection wherein it is seen in its RAAF guise
                                      as A6-8 (the farthest machine from the camera).   It arose, Phoenix-like in 2003 and was lovingly
                                      restored by Darryl Hill.   Phil Vabre's shot of it above, taken at the Temora Air Show illustrates the
                                      Cadet  looking better than when it first left the A. V. Roe factory at Woodford in 1934.