VH-AEH  (1)   Avro 643 Cadet II                                                     (c/n  991) 

                                  This shot was taken outside the Royal Vic hangars at Moorabbin in 1958, just before the machine
                                  was re-registered VH-PRV for Proctor's Rural Services.       This aircraft was one of nine Cadets
                                  operated initially by the Newcastle Aero Club at one time or another, immediately post WW II.
                                . ("Royal" NAC after 1953, by the way).         VH-AEH was ex A6-18, and, like the others, was
                                  acquired from the Commonwealth Disposals Commission.   The interesting shot below, from the
                                  archives of the club (via Geoff Goodall), shows a line up of Cadets at the club's Newcastle, NSW
                                  Broadmeadow Airfield having just been civilianized.    VH-AEH was sold in 1953, and then had
                                  a series of private owners until being acquired by Proctors and re-registered VH-PRV.    In 1961
                                  it went to Victorian Farming Aids and was destroyed by fire at Cobden, Victoria on 21 August
                                  1961 whilst crop spraying.   Pilot J. Tatar escaped with minor injuries.