VH-AEB  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n  DHA369)


                                      Here's a line-up of Tigers at an air show at Parafield, Adelaide, circa 1950.  Many of those visible
                                      in this image from the Geoff Goodall collection were owned by Robbys Aircraft Co at the time.
                                      VH-AEB was kind of an odd-ball, identity -wise.  It was in the middle of a batch of Tigers which
                                      went to the Indian Government in 1941 and were civlly registered on the VT- register, but slated
                                      for use to train WW II pilots.   For some reason c/n 369 was diverted from that  fate and was civilly
                                      registered in Australia and went to the Broken Hill Flying Club in April 1941 as VH-AEB.   It was
                                      finally withdrawn from use in 1961 after having many on again, off again lapses with its CofA in the