VH-AEA  (3)  Beech A56TC/A1 Baron                                    (c/n  TG-91)


                                      This, the third allocation of the rego VH-AEA barely creeps in under my inclusion criteria, having
                                      been first registered in September 1970.   Geoff Goodall took the above shot at Cairns in August
                                      1974 at which time the aircraft was owned by Queensland Aerial Survey Company Pty Ltd and
                                      the inscription on the fin reads 'Qasco Air Surveys'.  This large aerial survey company had taken
                                      over Adastra in 1976.   David Carter saw it (below) at Bankstown after it had just come in with
                                      the crude ferry rego of N9091Q.    This aircraft is actually quite rare.     Only 12A56TC Turbo
                                      Barons (its correct designation) were built.   It differed from the standard 56TC Turbo Baron
                                      (and only 82 of those were produced) in minor system and trim changes.  Power was supplied
                                      by two Lycoming TI0-541-E1B4 turbocharged engines in enlarged nacelles.  This aircraft went
                                      on to perform other survey tasks with Airesearch Mapping Co of Brisbane well into the new
                                       millennium, although it is no longer on the register.