VH-ADV (2)  Percival P.34A Proctor 3                        (c/n  H.548)

                                     Here's -ADV at Parafield, South Australia, at the end of the 1964 Ansett Brisbane to Adelaide
                                     Air Race.  This image is from the Geoff Goodall collection.   Built as LZ790 for the RAF, it was
                                     civilianized as G-AIIL.  It became VH-AYQ upon entering Australia in 1954.  Shortly afterward
                                     it was re-registered VH-ADU (see my photo of it in that guise).  When that registration was opted
                                     for by the Piper Apache ex N3184P, the Proctor was relegated to then available VH-ADV. 
                                     (The Leopard Moth which previously carried this rego was in one of its periods of inactivity).   
                                     The shot below, also by Geoff Goodall, shows poor old -ADV abandoned and derelict at
                                     Cessnock, NSW in September of 1968.  (Who's the wag in the cockpit?).