VH-ADU  (3)   Percival P.34A Proctor 3                              (c/n H548)

                               This aircraft was built as an RAF Proctor 3 with the serial number LZ790.  It was registered in the
                               UK as G-AIIL and imported into Australia in April of 1954 as VH-AYQ.     After five months it
                               was re-registered VH-ADU.  My conjecture is that the then current owner wanted these "last three"
                               for some acronym-like reason.   My further conjecture is that, when his new PA-23 Apache arrived
                               the poor old Proctor got relegated one letter down in the alphabet, for on Sept 9th, 1960 it was again
                               re-registered  - this time as VH-ADV!     Anyway, it was VH-ADU when I photographed  it at
                               Bankstown in 1955.