VH-ADR  Northrop D1 Delta                                     (c/n  42)


                                         These two rare images are from the archives of the Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia.
                                         The Delta was used on an Antarctic expedition by the explorer Lincoln Ellsworth.   At one time it was
                                         registered NR14267 and fitted with skis.       After the expedition, and whilst Ellsworth was on his
                                         way home, so to speak, the Northrop was purchased by the Civil Aviation Branch of the Australian
                                         government.  During the war it saw service with the RAAF as A61-1.   The rare shot at the foot of
                                         the page showing the Delta in RAAF colors is from a a glass neg in the CAHS archives    The engine
                                         on this big monoplane was a  735 hp Wright SR-1820-F2  Cyclone engine.    For another shot of it
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