VH-ADP (2)   Percival P.44 proctor 5                          (c/n  AS3)


                                     This rare shot from the Ben Dannecker collection (via Geoff Goodall) shows one of  three pre-
                                     production prototypes for the postwar civil Proctor V series, converted from RAF Proctor IVs
                                     and released back to Percival Aircraft in 1945 and given c/ns AS.1 to AS.3.   This aircraft was
                                     ex RM191 and registered as Proctor V G-AGSZ on 13 November 1945 to Hunting Air Travel
                                     Ltd, London.    In September 1948 it was purchased by The Honorable Simon Warrender, an
                                     adventurous gentleman who had rejected the British aristocracy into which he was born.   Among
                                     his business interests was the Sponson Tribian amphibious aircraft then on the drawing board and
                                     destined never to be built.  To promote the aircraft and establish overseas sales agencies, Warrender
                                     set off for Australia in G-AGSZ on 17 May 1949, in the Proctor painted with titles 'LONDON-
                                     AUSTRALIA  -   Sponsor Field Aircraft Services, Croydon, England', and 'Tribian Aircraft' titling
                                     on the engine cowling, with the Australian flag and Union Jack on the tail.   G-AGSZ reached Darwin
                                     on 13 June 1949 and was subsequently based in Melbourne where Warrender established new
                                     businesses, selling the Proctor to local aircraft dealer Fred Edwards who had it registered VH-ADP
                                     in December 1951.   It went on to other owners before being retired and struck-off the register in
                                     December 1959.