VH-ADJ (2)  Mooney M20E Super 21                  (c/n  M20E-809)


                                        Latyer M.20Es were named Chapparal although this was an early 1965 model M.20E Super 21.
                                        It was formerly N5889Q and a shot of it as such, taken at Bankstown on 13 September 1965,
                                        appears at the foot of this page.   It, along with VH-TMM (c/n M20E-811, ex N5893Q) were
                                        ferried across the Pacific in September 1965 and and prepared for delivery to Australian owners
                                        at Bankstown.   Two shots of it as VH-ADJ are shown here (above, by Geoff Goodall) at Banks-
                                        town five days after Greg's photo on 18 September 1965, having just acquired its VH- rego, and
                                        (below in a contempotraty image by Phil Vabre) at Bundaberg, Qld in July 2009 fully loaded with
                                        four up.