VH-ACZ  Stinson HW-75                                             (c/n  7139)

                                      Also known as the Stinson 105, the HW-75 first appeared in 1939 with a 75 hp Continental
                                      A-75-3 engine.         The 1940 model, like the one above had a 80 hp Continental A-80-6
                                      Over 500 of these pudgy little 3-seaters (well, maybe two and a child) were built at Stinson's
                                      Wayne, MI plant.   The above photograph, which looks like a CofA attachment, is courtesy
                                      of the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives.  When I saw it at Bankstown in 1955 (below)
                                      the Continental had been swapped out for a small radial engine (an Armstrong Siddeley Genet?)
                                      which made the overall profile quite ugly.   VH-ACZ was withdrawn from use in 1964.