VH-ACX  (1)  Stinson HW-75                                 (c/n  7078)


                                      Rare shot of a Stinson, imported into Australia in November 1939 (via The Collection p6915-0149).
                                      Imported by Brown & Dureau Ltd of Melbourne, it must have been ordered before war broke out.
                                      It was sold to the Royal Victorian Aero Club and stored from 1942 until the duration of the war.
                                      (I'm surpassed it wasn't impressed into RAAF service, although possibly its underpowering with
                                      the 75 hp engine made it undesirable).  After the war it returned to the RVAC and was later sold.
                                      The Frank Walters collection photo below (via Geoff Goodall) shows it post war, with the rego
                                      transferred to the tail.       It crashed on take-off from Ivanhoe, NSW on 5 September 1952 and
                                      was written off.