VH-ACW  Fairchild 24R9                       (c/n  415)

                                     Sister ship to the previous aircraft and delivered on the same boat.  This aircraft was allotted
                                     the military serial A36-4 but for some reason it was not taken up.  John Andrade at the site

                                     states "Never delivered and therefore serial not taken up".  That sounds as if the owner reneged
                                     on handing it over!   However, noted aviation historian Fred Niven advises:   The aircraft was
                                     "impressed into the RAAF, date unknown, until 11/11/42, as A36-4.  However, its impressment
                                     orders were deferred as it was already being mainly used for Army co-operation duties, and the
                                     order was rescinded 11/11/42."    It is seen in the shot  immediately below from the Alan Betteridge
                                     collection (via the CAHS) in war time camouflage, still wearing its civilian rego.     I have gleaned
                                     several shots of this machine.     My own above was taken at Bankstown in the mid-50s. Photo
                                     no 3 below shows it just after its arrival in 1939.  Oddly, it was soon repainted, as seen in the
                                     photo # 4 from the Nigel Daw collection taken circa 1940.  At that time it was owned by Bert
                                     Bond who was a bus operator (Bond's Tours).  Finally, at the foot of the page is a Geoff Goodall
                                     shot taken at Warracknabeal, Victoria in April of 1967, sporting a smart livery.