VH-ACK  Aeronca K                     (c/n  K162)


                                     The Aeronca K was introduced in 1937 as a replacement for the diminutive Aeronca C-2
                                     and C-3.  Although somewhat more conventional, the lines of the C series are clearly seen.
                                     It is, therefore, an older aircraft than the two previously imaged Aeroncas, VH-ACH and
                                     -ACJ.   VH-ACK was previously on the US Civil Register as NC18888 and was imported
                                     at the end of 1939.    This shot was taken at Bankstown in 1952.  Note 1950 "single spinner"
                                     Ford at left.   Geoff Goodall provides another very nice shot ot it (below) taken slightly later
                                     (1967) in the long grass at Moorabbin.  At the foot of the page are two images from Dave
                                     Eyre color slides collection showing the Aeronca at Camden, NSW in April 1965 and at
                                     Archerfield in July 1969 repainted into the attractive blue scheme.  For a more complete
                                     history of this diminutive machine go to the CAHS' site at