VH-ACJ (1)    Aeronca 50-C Chief                        (c/n  C3059)

  A later model than VH-ACH, -ACJ definitely looks sharper with spats.  The above photo is
                                     off the CofA, and was most likely taken soon after it was registered (to L.B. Steinke, of Ade-
                                     laide) in May of 1939.  Another shot of it in its original livery from the State Library of South
                                     Australia collection, is seen in # 2 below.   Shot # 3, from my own collection, was taken at
                                     Archerfield, circa 1940.  (Note Stinson Model A in the background) . The final image, # 4,
                                     from the John Hopton collection, shows it in the same markings and wearing what appears to
                                     be a Texaco star.  VH-ACJ was written off in a crash at Toowoomba, Qld in November 1951.