VH-ACF (2)    Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer                           (c/n  22-7093)


                                           Here's the second allocation of the registration VH-ACF in the long grass at Bendigo in October
                                           1962 seen in this shot from The Collection p5555-0457.   It was first registered in January 1960
                                           to R.M. Foster & Associates of Devonport, Tasmania.      This was some 22 years after the first
                                           release of the markings, also to a Piper, and the Tri-Pacer's ancestor, a J3C-40 Cub    The image
                                           below is From Ken Whytcross.  His father, Ian, owned -ACF in the early 1960s before trading
                                           it in on Cessna 182A VH-SNN. Ken suggests that this shot was taken at the same time and venue
                                           as the one above, being at an air pageant at Bendigo in 1962.  That's Ken's mother on the right.
                                           VH-ACF (2) went on to other owners before being struck-off the register in May 1986.