VH-ACE  Miles M3A Falcon Major   (c/n  202)


                                  A very blurred image, but this is the best I can do.   Thirty-six Falcons in three basic variants were
                                  built by F.G. Miles in the mid-1930s.   VH-ACE was on the UK register as G-ADIU before being
                                  exported in 1937.    It was impressed into RAAF service during the war, becoming A37-6.   The
                                  A37 series was used loosely for a range of Miles products  - see the site
                                  Unfortunately it suffered an undercarriage accident in 1942 and was "reduced to produce", and so
                                  never was restored to the VH- register.    .

                                  The current VH-ACE is also a Falcon.  A Dassault Falcon 900.  Was this choice of registration
                                  deliberate or purely by chance?