VH-ACD  (2)  Auster J/2 Arrow                                (c/n  2390)

                                  I always thought the J/2 was the best looking of the Austers - probably because of its Continental
                                  C-75-12 engine, which made it look more like its Taylorcraft ancestors than the Blackburn Cirrus
                                  powered Austers.   It was a nice aircraft to fly, also.   The J/2s didn't sell well, since they were
                                  only two seaters.    VH-ACD was formerly G-AJPT and came to Australia in 1952.  My shot
                                  (above) was taken at Archerfield in December 1952 some six months after the aircraft had been
                                  registered in Australia.     Somewhere along the way it was converted to a J/2C "Super Arrow"
                                  fitted with a 125 hp Continental C-125-2 engine, with enclosed cowling.
                                  In June 2009 I was contacted by David Henderson whose uncle, Charles George Henderson
                                  owned -ACD when the above picture was taken.  Charles was a long time member of the RQAC
                                  and President of the club from 1946 until his death in 1959.    David (an ex-RAAF pilot himself)
                                  submits the rather blurry color shot (below) of -ACD, but it does serve to show the aircraft after
                                  the above-mentioned conversion.   His uncle Charles is the gentleman on the left, whilst Don
                                  Johnston advises me that the gentleman on the right is almost certainly Jimmy Hucker who owned
                                  -ACD after Charlie Henderson's passing. .   Venue and date unknown.   Another David Hendesron
                                  shot is at the bottom of the page showing the Arrow before the engine change coming “over the
                                  fence” (literally) with Charlie Henderson at the controls.