VH-ACC (2)  Cessna 180A Skywagon                   (c/n  32957)


                                   This shot of the second VH-ACC was takewn by Geoff Goodall at Jandakot in August 1970,
                                   where it had just been assembled as N2603, already fitted with Roberson-STOL modifications.
                                   It arrived crated at Jandakot in July 1970, imported by local Cessna dealers Simpson Aviation
                                   (SAMAV) for Australian Land and Cattle Co, Perth.       After a certification delay due to the
                                   mods, it was formally registered VH-ACC on 10 September 1970, thus just scraping into the
                                   period covered by this website.     It survived a variety of accidents on remote cattle properties
                                   in the north of WA, before being written off at Jandakot on 1 April 1982.