VH-ABY  Percival P.16D Q-Six                                        (c/n  Q35)


                                  The above photograph is courtesy of the Airways Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society. 
                                  VH-ABY was operated by (the then) Department of Civil Aviation to develop and enhance the
                                  radio range work needed at that time in Australia.    For a full description of this work and a complete
                                  history of this aircraft, go to: 
                                  The shot immediately below by Bob Fripp was taken at Geelong's Belmont Common Airfield, circa
                                  1947 soon after its purchase from DCA by wealthy farmer Wallace Stillard of Cobram Vic.  I suspect
                                  that image No 3, from the archives of the Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia, was taken
                                  somewhat earlier, probably around 1940.   After being imported by DCA in June 1939 to test the new
                                  Lorenz radio beam systems, it led an unhappy life as a Departmental transport throughout the war, and
                                  was leased to Ansett Airways during 1943 to maintain their Melbourne-Hamilton service.   By 1946 it
                                  was only being flown 10 hours each year.       On 26 August 1947 VH-ABY crashed on a flight from
                                  Canberra to Geelong, killing the owner and W. J. Meehan of Geelong Airways.   The poor, but interest-
                                  ing shot at the foot of the page, from the Allan Betteridge collection, depicts the aircraft at Adelaide/Para-
                                  field in its wartime camouflage.     It carries a national identity fin flash (white and blue) plus its civil regis-
                                  tration in light grey.