VH-ABT   Miles M3D Falcon     (c/n   266)

                                     This sleek looking craft was formerly G-AEAG and was imported into Australia in 1938.   It
                                     was impressed into RAAF duty during WW II as A37-1.   It was restored after the war and
                                     I was fortunate in catching it in the open at Moorabbin one bleak day in July of 1958 (above).
                                     Below is a photograph from the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives showing it in its
                                     original livery back in 1938 (albeit sans trousers).     Its present status is unknown although
                                     there are reports that it still exists in NSW as a subject for restoration.  This is an extremely
                                     rare model and hopefully, if it is still in one piece, somebody will preserve it.