VH-ABS  (2)   Auster J/1B Aiglet                      (c/n  2699)


                                    For a while I had a low grade photograph on this entry but recently (2007) Geoff Goodall sent
                                    me the nice shot of it above, taken at Parafield in 1965.  The aircraft looked then pretty much as
                                    it did in my poor 1952 photo, except that in the above shot the rego appears to have been rather
                                    crudely applied.   In fact, it appears almost as if the image has been tampered with.  I can assure
                                    you that that is not so!   Anyway, VH-ABS first came on the register in June of 1952.  It is still
                                    flying as seen in the contemporary shot of it below,  taken by Phil Vabre in April 2005. The close
                                    approximation to its original livery is commendable indeed in this day and age.