VH-ABN    Miles M.11A Whitney Straight                           (c/n  303)

                                         The above rare shot was taken by the late Daryl Mackenzie at Essendon, circa 1949, showing
                                         the Whitney Straight in RVAC livery (sans spats)     .  Daryl "put some time in" in the aircraft in
                                         1949-50.   In fact, it was one of the club machines which made the move to Moorabbin in Dec-
                                         ember 1949 when the club changed its base of operations to that new airport.   The image below
                                         is from the Len Dobbin collection (via the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives) and shows
                                         the aircraft as G-AENH when it first arrived from the U.K. in late 1937.  It survived the war years
                                         and was sold in New Zealand in 1951 as  ZK-AXN.