VH-AAV (2)  DHC-2 Beaver 1                  (c/n  1052)


                                        The original c/n 1052 was delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force in June 1957 as A95-203. 
                                        It was used as part of the Australian Antarctic Research Flight.  On 28 December 1959 it suffered
                                        extensive damage as the result of gale force winds in Antarctica. .   The wreck of it was combined
                                        with that of another Beaver, A95-201, which had suffered the same fate to form a complete aircraft
                                        which became VH-AAV.  This was then acquired by Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd.   Greg Banfield's
                                        rare shot of it (above) was taken at Bankstown on 21 December 1963 (note DHC crates in the
                                        background - Beaver or Chipmunk parts?).      In May of 1967 it was sold in the US as N1590,
                                        and two years after that returned to the land of its birth as CF-YOI for Laurentian Air Services.
                                        It was cancelled from the Canadian register (by then C-FYOI) in 1985.