VH-AAM  (1)   D.H.94 Moth Minor                                                  (c/n 94002)


                                  It's c/n would indicate that this was the second Moth Minor built.   It was certainly the first VH-AAM,
                                  being registered in 1939.   "Aspaxadrene" was the forerunner of the modern day Ventolin, a must for
                                  asthma sufferers, so I assume that this aircraft was owned by a drug company (or distributor) at the
                                  time. However, it's hardly what one would call an "executive" transport.  Some 74 of these "monoplane
                                  Tiger Moths" had been built at Hatfield when WW II broke out, and all the jigs, dies and tooling
                                  were bundled off to Sydney where production was resumed, some 41 more of them being built by
                                  DHA  for the RAAF.   For some reason VH-AAM appears never to have been impressed into RAAF
                                  service.   My shot above was taken at Moorabbin in 1955.  When Jeff Atkinson took the photo below
                                  in 1957 it had shed its advertising titling and appears to be in a plain silver with (red?) cheat line.  John
                                  Hopton saw its fuselage (photo # 3) in December 1959 in a hangar at Moorabbin.  However,-AAM
                                  was not officially cancelled from the register until July of 1961.  Finally at the foot of the page is a grainy
                                  shot from the album of Mary Thurston showing the Moth Minor probably soon after it had been imported
                                  at Archerfield, circa 1939.