VH-AAK  Auster J/4 Archer                      (c/n 2079)


                            Here'sanother Kingsford Smith Archer.  Color was a smart medium blue with silver wings, tail and
                            registration.   The Auster J/4 was a two seater aircraft (kind of the coupe of the lightplane world)
                            derived from the earlier Auster J/2 and differing from it by the installation of a 90 hp Blackburn Cirrus
                            Minor 1 engine (as opposed to the Continental C75 of the former).    Only 26 were built, of which
                            seven were imported into Australia.   This aircraft was allocated the UK registration G-AIPJ before
                            export.   For many years after WW II severe import restrictions were in place in Australia regarding
                            dollar products, hence the great proliferation of British airframes, engines and indeed, motor cars at
                            that time.  It was re-registered VH-PJN in November 1959.
                            Incidentally, the first VH-AAK was a Tiger Moth., written off in Albury, NSW in 1948.