VH-AAH (4)  DHC-2 Beaver 1                           (c/n  355)


                                          VH-AAH was a former U.S. Army L-20A (51-16554).  It was converted and operated by
                                          Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd of Bankstown, although Bob Neate's photo above was taken at
                                          Moorabbin (on New Year's Day 1964).    It was later used for periods by associate company
                                          Super Spread Aviation at Moorabbin, and was eventually wrecked in a crash at Yarrowitch,
                                          NSW on 25 July 1979    The two shots below are from Greg Banfield and show the Beaver
                                          (upper) at Cootamundra in March 1979 and (lower) earlier at Camden, NSW in October
                                          1972 whilst demonstrating water-bombing for a symposium on aerial firefighting organized
                                          by the Royal Aeronautical Society. .