VH-AAG (1)  de Havilland D.H.85 Leopard Moth         (c/n  7118)


                                         This was the former VH-UVD, originally registered in June of 1936 and subsequently re-registered
                                         the following November "due to the sensitivity of the use of the letters 'VD' " in the rego!  (Probably
                                         at the request of the owner, A.S. Van Goes of Rose Bay, Sydney)  .  I do not have a photo of it as
                                         -UVD, but I suspect that, at one time or another, there was one affixed to the CofA.    The above
                                         image is courtesy of the John Hopton collection and was probably taken at Mascot shortly after its
                                         re-registration.      It was sold abroad on 3 September 1941 to Malaya and flew, briefly, with the
                                         Kuala Lumpur Flying Club as VR-RAX.      As the Japs advanced down the Peninsular after Pearl
                                         Harbor it fled to Singapore but was destroyed in an air raid on Kallang Airport on 20 January 1942.