VH-AAF  Waco EGC8                                                    (c/n  5051)


                                   With a roar of its mighty 320 hp Wright R-760-E2 engine, the elegant Waco Custom Cabin biplane
                                   sends up a spray of dust as it positions for take off on a dusty Mascot field.  This beautiful machine
                                   was originally imported by Adastra Airways Ltd. in 1938   This concern was the Australian dealer
                                   for Waco aircraft, and, although they operated a scheduled service from Sydney to Bega, the Waco
                                   wasn't  one of the aircraft used on the airline service.   My shot, above, shows it pre-WW II.  In an
                                   almost exact positioning, although sans spats, it is seen below in this nice color shot from Mike Oram
                                   (photo by Kim Oram).  Following that (no 3) is a  photograph by John Hopton (via Geoff Goodall)
                                   of the Waco at Bankstown in 1962, the rego having been moved to the rudder (almost mandatory
                                   in that era).  It had a striking dark maroon overall finish.         -AAF was owned, in those days, by
                                   George Falkiner of "Haddon Rig", Warren, NSW who was a wealthy grazier influential in a variety
                                   of aviation ventures.   He actually owned the Waco for several years.    Following that image, at the
                                   foot of the page, is a shot by Greg Banfield of -AAF taken at Bankstown on 12 May 1966 showing
                                   the old Waco all done up as the "Jolly Roger".  I have appended an enlargement of the titling on the
                                   rear fuselage indicating the range of activities the for which the aircraft was available. Following a crash
                                   in Darwin, NT in 1973, -AAF was ultimately rebuilt in 1985 becoming VH-CGF.  It subsequently was
                                   withdrawn from use in 2006.