VH-TGB (2)   Beech 65-A80 Queen Air                    (c/n  LD-157)


                                  TAA acquired four Queen Airs in 1964.  One (-TGD) went to Papua/New Guinea.  The other
                                  three, including this one were used  for airline services in both Tasmania and Queensland.    The
                                  Tasmanian internal services, which flew Hobart-Devonport-Wynyard-Smithton  were short-lived.
                                  They lasted a little longer in Queensland and by 1969 Twin Otters were being used instead.     At
                                  least some of Queen Airs went to the RFDS.   These flights were flown as state government essential
                                  services, and were subsidized by their respective states.  In  fact, Queensland still subsidizes the routes
                                  that the Queen Airs once plied.  A mix-up in registrations indicated that this one was originally to have
                                  been -TGC, but  in the event, that rego went to LD-172, and LD-157 became -TGB.  It is seen above
                                  at Bankstown in 1966 in this photo by David Carter.   The color shot below is from the CAHS archives.
                                  -TGB was sold to SAATAS in Indonesia in 1971 as PK-LEC.