Selections from the Ed Coates' Civil Aircraft Photograph Collection.

I have collected aircraft photographs for the past sixty years.  My interest lies primarily in civil aircraft and hence 90% of the images here will be of such machines.  I began by placing many of them on the website of my good friend Ron Dupas at   However, in late 2004 I decided to share them with all you folks with out there on my own web site.  So here it is.  A word of warning:  I have scanned them in only at low resolution so they won't be suitable for doing anything with, other than viewing.   If you need clearer images, or any other data regarding these aircraft, please email me at   Also, remember to scroll down on each page as oftentimes more images are appended at the bottom.    One last note.  The basic criteria for inclusion in this collection is for the aircraft to have been registered before December 31,1970..   There are now a tremendous number of photographers who have produced contemporary photographjs on-line of aircraft registered from the 1970s on.

The collection is broken down into six main groups:

1.  Australian Civil (VH-)
2.  New Zealand

3.  U.S, (N,NC,NX,NL) Civil

4.  Canadian Civil

5.  Rest of the World:
     The Caribbean & Latin America
     Asia/South Pacific     

6.  Military Aircraft   

April 2007 Note:   Although military aircraft  are not really within my sphere of interest, I do have a small collection of historic machines in the 1920-1960 era.   I decided, now that the bulk of my civil collection has been displayed, to put them out here (Section 6).  I shall not, however, change the titling on this page since 90% of this site is devoted to civil aircraft. 

My own selection of Australian (VH-) shots were all taken in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, and as such depict what today would be classed as 'Classic' or antique aircraft.   After that time frame I emigrated to the USA, so you won't find many VH- photos from my own camera lens in the 1960-1980 era.   However, after I had mounted my own images I decided to assemble and edit shots of other enthusiasts in the "post Ed Coates" era.  To this end I am greatly indebted many photographers, and in particular Geoff Goodall, Greg Banfield and David Carter for allowing me to share in their vast collections.   Additionally, there are several shots taken by my good friend Richard Maclean and also his brother, Barry.  Like myself, both have now retired,  Richard led an interesting career flying for an air ambulance company and also flying Metros and Saabs for Kendell Airlines.   Barry spent his career with the Australian Customs Service at Essendon (at first) and then, of course, at Tullamarine.   Richard and I worked together at (what was then) the Department of Civil Aviation in Melbourne.  I have also been greatly assisted by Phil Vabre of the Airways Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society, and by Peter Gates in Brisbane, Barrie Colledge in Melbourne and Ian W. O'Neill in the U.K for much of the Auster material.  I continue to welcome contributions from whatever source.   To that end I have obtained permission from most of the State Library collections in Australia to show their images and have been assisted in finding many of these rare gems through the sleuth-work of Graeme Parsons, for which I am extremely grateful.    In the case of those images from the vast selection from John Hopton, these are identified as being from 'The Collection' followed by John's file no.     
Full credit is, of course, always given to any contributor.

Note:  Several of the VH-Uxx series come from the A.J. Jackson collection.  A.J. and I corresponded and exchanged negatives extensively in the 1940s and 50s.  The AJJ collection was donated to Brooklands Museum in 2005 and is now known known as 'The A.J.Jackson Collection at Brooklands Museum'.
The Brooklands site can be found at        

The New Zealand collection was taken mainly in the summers of 1954 and 1955, and I am also indebted to David Molesworth for providing many of Jim Dyson's shots of the same era.  I traded extensively with Ken Meeham in this period and many of his efforts appear. Finally, along the way several other images have been added from other sources and for these I am thankful.  Full credit is, naturally, always given.   

Although I have completed my own Australian and New Zealand collections, I continue to receive photographs which are 'in the period' (namely from the beginning of time to about 1970) on an almost daily basis and will add these as I get them.  In fact, the website title is now a bit misleading inasmuch as a fairly significant percentage of the photos were not taken by me at all.  Clearly I cannot (or don't want to) change the website name (just as Ron Dupas cannot change, which is now approaching 6,000 photos).  I could rationalize it, I suppose, by saying that I have assembled the collection!    Currently (late 2008) I am concentrating on putting up photos of Australian registered civil aircraft registered in, or before, 1970.    As an interesting side note;  I have managed to assemble some 80% of all the VH-U registered machines.  Not bad, considering the last one was issued some 70 years ago!